Kids Travel Journal Pack LIMITED STOCK

Be the first to own this original idea and keepsake for a lifetime. These Journals are perfect for children to take on your next holiday or trip away. It comes in two colours Pale Blue and Blush Pink. Not only is it filled with over thirty pages of activities and games to help entertain your child during your journey, but it also becomes a lovely memento that can be treasured for a lifetime.


Your Start Up Journal pack includes:


- 38 pages of activities and games to complete

- 12 pack of Ergogrip, slim, colouring pencils

- Unice HB Eurogrip writing pencil

(These have been carefully selected to help assist your child with developing the correct pencil grip they’ll need when they start school).

- One sheet of stickers to be used with their Journal

- 10 Travel dollars


Three pouches are on the inside of the Journal to store post cards, photographs and any other treasures you might collect along the way. The zipped pouch and two folded areas are also present for added storage.


You will also receive 10 Travel Dollars. What are Travel dollars you ask? Well, we’ve come up with this clever idea as a tool to assist both parents and children learn valuable skills of pre money concepts, saving and spending. Your child,  at your own discretion, will be rewarded with one travel dollar for positive behaviour.  Be as creative as you like in reasons to reward your child. Teach your child through positive reinforcement to either save or spend their Travel Dollars. This can then either be transferred into real money for your child to spend or save. You can teach your child about actions and consequences. Use your Zipboom Travel Tote to store your travel dollars in. The possibilities are endless.

12 themes include: All About me, Dinosaurs, Fairytales, Superheroes, Sports, Around the world, Animals, Food, Vehicles, Spy Kit, Nature, Arts and Crafts.


Suitable for Ages 4+