Australian Native Finger Puppet Set - Koala Crew

This set features Australia's iconic Koala, Sulphur Crested Cockatoo and Tasmanian Devil. The wildlife education value is extended by teaming these three up with two more mysterious marsupials, the Wombat and Quoll.

These Australian Characters are crafted from sturdy water felted natural sheep wool with needle felted details. Each is truly unique as the handmade variations in the construction lend an individual charm.

Finger puppets are perfect travel companions as they are compact and soft. They make for a playtime that is self directed, imaginative and good solo or with friends of any age. Teachers and clinicians find these an engaging tool to help encourage more spontaneous communication and expression.
These are made to last and suitable over many years for many purposes, from being infant entertainers to adult educational tools.

The set is a perfect gift, packed in a sustainable Lokta paper card display box. On the back of the box is my introduction to each animal with my design sketches.

This is one of 6 sets of Australian characters that I have designed and developed into collectible box sets. I believe they have great value as both personal and professional companions.