Australian Ocean Finger Puppets Set of 5 Wool Felt

Ocean animals puppet set with A Blue Ringed Octopus, Manta Ray, Green Sea Turtle, Humpback Whale and Clownfish. They are crafted from sturdy water felted natural sheep's wool with needle felted details. Each is truly unique as the handmade variations in the construction lend an individual charm. These puppets are made to last and suitable for many purposes, from being infant entertainers to adult educational tools to decorative mascots..

This mix of inhabitants will allow you to share describing shapes, colours and names to opening up animated chats about size, behaviours, animal types, habitats and movements. Educators can use them to talk about broader issues of this big, exciting and largely mysterious part of the world. Have fun with it!

These creatures are great compact conversation pieces thus perfect travel companions. They make for a playtime that can be directed by a child alone or with friends.

This is one of 6 collectible Australian character sets that have been designed and packaged into Lokta paper gift boxes. They have introductions to each animal and my design sketches on the back of the box. I believe they have great value as both personal and professional companions.