Bamboo Water and Ball Rack

Our bamboo water and ball rack is great for indoors and outdoors. It includes the bamboo channels that need to be assembled together. Children can pour water at the top of the track and watch how the water goes along the track. This particular experience teaches children about cause and effect. It is a fun learning experience through which children can engage in water play whilst promoting their development.

 Assembling this track together encourages the child to use their cognitive thinking to put this track together. This also encourages the use of their fine and gross motor skills in order to fix the track together. Through this activity children can also learn about cause and effect when they pour water at the top of the track. This also encourages hand-eye coordination.

Bamboo toys are among the best toys for kids nowadays. It is a natural and eco-friendly material. It is also light, strong and very resistant. Since it is made naturally, some blemishes do exist which is all part of the naturalism of the product. Each piece is carefully manufactured from natural bamboo and therefore differs in size, shape and color. No two pieces are the same which adds to the beauty of the product. Bamboo is a non-toxic material which makes all the products safe for play suitable for different age groups.

Ensure this product is completely dried out before storing away for lasting durability.

This product does not include the ball.

Approx dimensions of product: 70x50x14cms Weight: 3kgs.

Recommended age: 3+