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Castor Oil Wrap pack combo contains:
- 1x Liver / Abdomen Wrap
-1x Thyroid Wrap
-1x Small pack of 100% Pure Cotton Inserts and Patches

Ever been told to try out castor oil packs for liver detox or some other issue but the thought of the mess put you off? Well, enter the Enlighten Me Castor Oil Wrap.

DETAILS - This Castor Oil Wrap kit includes two wraps - one for your abdomen and another for your neck although you can use them anywhere in your body that needs this miracle oil. The outer layer of the pack is designed to keep those pesky oil leaks at bay, so you stay clean and comfortable while you lie and relax or go about your day.

It's excellent for:
• Liver detoxing,
• Regulating your period
• Enhancing your body's natural colon cleansing function
• Any type of inflammation including arthritis

Castor Oil when applied continuously also breaks down growths, moles, skin tags, nodules and cysts. It truly is a miracle oil than can penetrate right through and into the body - deeper than any other oil can go. This pack goes hand in hand with the oil and is like a multi-purpose wellness companion.

100% COTTON INSERTS - Castor Oil Wraps are a relatively new item in our world and research and development is still being done into how to incorporate the healthiest outer layer that is waterproof, yet completely low-tox and cant be leached; and an inner layer of pure Cotton or another natural fibre. Pretty much all the Castor Oil Pack Wraps you see on the market are made with an inner bamboo cotton lining, not pure organic cotton (including this one for now until I can afford to produce my own!). Bamboo requires chemicals to make it into soft fabric and there's a possibility the Castor Oil will leach it into your skin. As such, we recommend buying our affordable 100% Cotton Inserts to use with any pack you may have, and when buying ours we throw them in - that's a $15 savings and shows that we actually care about your detox process - Not only will these Cotton Inserts extend the life of the pack but it will ensure an even lower tox experience. Find these in our store.

HOW TO USE - Apply 1-3 tablespoons of castor oil onto the Cotton Insert and place on the cotton side of the pack and fasten it around your liver area situated below your right ribcage, or lower onto your pelvic area if that is the area in need. Or if you have a chest congestion place it higher. The straps should be used to keep it in place and an optional heat pack can be added for a more calming result. It is usually suggested to use this therapy 2-5 times weekly, however, it can be used daily, if desired. Leave pack in place for 45-60 minutes or longer if you like.

* Please note the Castor Oil Wrap may arrive separately from the rest of the order
* Wraps may be white, nude or blush depending on stock.


The natural world possesses certain invaluable treasures, and within this spectrum, Castor Oil emerges as a notably versatile elixir. For generations, this viscous, amber-hued substance has enjoyed reverence for its multifaceted virtues. From nurturing skin and hair to facilitating digestive processes, Castor Oil has entrenched itself within households as a dependable natural remedy.

Originating from the castor seed, Ricinus communis, Castor Oil primarily consists of a triglyceride composed of fatty acids, with a significant 90% concentration of ricinoleic acid.

Ricinus communis is a toxic plant that must be detoxified before pressing into oil. Only India and Pakistan understand this nature of the plant (due to it being used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine) and take the necessary steps to detoxify it before making Castor Oil. For this reason it is important to always source your Castor Oil from India or Pakistan.

When applied topically to the abdominal area, Castor Oil is absorbed through the skin and penetrates the underlying tissues, right through to the deepest layer. It is the only oil which this magical property to penetrate right down through to the dermis. The application of heat aids in driving the Castor Oil deeper into these layers which, in turn, stimulates the production of lymphocytes and boosts lymphatic system circulation. 

Think of the lymphatic system as the body's internal sewage system. It diligently collects and purifies toxins, infections, metals, deceased cells, and debris from various bodily regions. These impurities are then transported to the liver for filtration and eventually excreted through the colon. If the lymphatic system functions inefficiently, waste and toxins may accumulate, potentially leading to a weakened immune system, sluggish bowel movements, aggravated food sensitivities, and ultimately, inflammation and disease.

When purchasing Castor Oil, exercise caution. Many Castor Oil products available in the market are derived from castor seeds subjected to heavy pesticide treatments, potentially compromising their beneficial phytonutrients and introducing harmful toxins into the oil. It is advisable to opt for organic Castor Oil (such as ours) to ensure a safer and more effective therapeutic experience.