Djeco Space Tap Tap

Excitement and learning streaks through space with each tap of the hammer.

Kids explore the world of space assembly. Three unique rockets and two UFO puzzle-like creations are just a couple taps away.

Choose an illustrated instruction card, pick out the appropriate pieces, collect the pins, grab the wooden hammer and start tapping. Each piece has pre-drilled holes and the pins tap easily into a corkboard work mat.

Create five correct space rockets and vehicles, or branch out and combine pieces for a hilarious twist.

The hammer, pins and pieces are all kept safe within the box, underneath the work mat. Sorted in separate sections, kids learn organization every time they play.

Blast off into a world where fine motor skills improve and excitement reaches new heights!

Djeco Space Tap Tap
  • Arrange pieces and create space designs
  • Improve fine motor skills
  • Tap pins through pre-drilled holes to hold design in place
  • Includes wooden hammer, silver pins, wooden space pieces
  • Illustrated instruction cards included
  • Wooden sectioned tray keeps pieces organized
  • High quality design and construction

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