Fairy castle

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Firstly: Explore the world of imagination with our new fairy castle. Enchanted with its very own natural mushrooms and fairy gate for your child to play and explore. Measuring 32cmx28cmx16cm

Secondly: Expand the possibilities for play with additional figurines that are perfectly scaled for this playset.

Suitable for ages: 3+ years.
In general, Imaginative play is one of the best things about being a kid — and a toy castle is one of the best ways for kids to indulge that creativity. Creating a world full of fairy tale creatures, knights (we’ve got knight toy recommendations, too), royals, and more allows them to think beyond their immediate surroundings and dream up whatever they like. There’s a reason they call it “the magic of childhood,” right?

Moreover, no matter how old yours is (hi, my best friend and I played with Barbies until we were 12), there’s a castle for kids of virtually all ages and interests. Some come pre-assembled, some include construction as part of the fun-and motor-skill building (think LEGO and magnetic tiles). There are advanced castle playsets that require sophisticated building skills and simpler options with handmade wooden pieces for teeny hands to hold.

there’s a toy castle for every kind of child here — and you’re sure to find something yours will want to play with day and, er, knight). Ahead, shop everything from modern to old-fashioned options; the perfect palace for your littles awaits.