Farm Animals & Tractor Set

Introducing our Farm Animals and Tractor Set! Our wooden animal collection boasts a charming array of farm favourites, including a tractor and a delightful assortment of creatures: cows, ducks, sheep, horses, donkeys, pigs, chickens, and more! Pair them with our Wooden Barn House for the ultimate farm play experience!

Introduce children to this captivating play set, igniting their imaginations as they embark on pretend adventures. These open-ended toys invite children to explore the boundless realms of their creativity, seamlessly integrating into any play space. Imaginative play springs to life as children immerse themselves in re-enacting events or experiences that pique their curiosity or mirror their own lives. What’s more is with this animal set, they’ll craft stories, delve into new concepts, and forge connections with the world around them.

Moreover, open-ended play empowers children to freely express their creative visions and ideas. Challenges encountered along the way nurture problem-solving skills, while the immersive nature of pretend play nurtures emotional intelligence, aiding toddlers in expressing and understanding their feelings.

Thus, our versatile animal set offers endless avenues for children to cultivate their emotional awareness, imaginative prowess, language skills, and creative thinking, making playtime an enriching journey of growth and discovery.

Approx dimensions of product: Tractor 15x7x12cms. Weight: 0.65kgs.

Recommended age is 2 and above.