Homeopathic First Aid Kit for Children

The Children’s Kit has been designed for first aid use and treating the common complaints of childhood. The reference guide gives simple instructions on how to choose a homeopathic remedy as well as basic dosage guidelines.

Each Kit comes with the following:

  • 24 Homeopathic Remedies
  • 2 Kidz Minerals
  • 1 Calendula 20g Cream
  • ‘Homeopathic Medicine for Children’ Book by Kay Southcombe


24 Homeopathic Remedies:

Aconite 30c
Aethusa 30c
Ant tart 30c
Apis 6c
Arnica 30c
Ars alb 30c
Belladonna 30c
Borax 30c
Bryonia 30c
Chamomilla 30c
Cina 30c
Coffea 30c
Colocynthis 30c
Drosera 30c
Euphrasia 30c
Ferrum phos 30c
Hepar sulph 30c
Hyoscyamus 6c
Ipecac 30c
Phosphorus 30c
Podophyllum 30c
Pulsatilla 30c
Rhus tox 30c
Spongia 30c


Disclaimer: This kit is not intended to replace professional medical care. In severe cases or where symptoms persist, consult a health professional.