Indonesian Djembes

Features include:
– Hand carved from solid, sustainably-sourced mahogany.
– High tensile, nylon-core yachting rope that won’t slip – once tuned correctly, your drum will stay tuned longer, and need less ongoing maintenance.
– Natural goat skins, not irradiated or chemically treated, so they retain their natural oils, sound and durability.
– Well-rounded playing edge – our signature “Comfort Curve” – with rings and rope positioned perfectly for ease of play.


12cm and 20cm: A super cute gift idea to add a decorative touch with a musical twist.

30cm and 40cm: Introduce young players to West African musical concepts with these starter djembes.

50cm All Rounder: Develop sound and technique with this versatile, portable option.

60cm Classic: Quality instruments for teens and adults that produce the authentic djembe sound.

60cm PLUS Classic: Our most popular djembe in the Indo Range! A hot ticket item, the Classic Plus 60cm Djembe  has a comfortable 12″ head which makes practice easy and enjoyable.