Pre Order - Kin Kin | Dishwasher Powder Lemon Myrtle (2.5kg Refill Pack)

Delivery turn around time 2 weeks.

Kin Kin are a local Queensland business creating natural household cleaning and laundry products that are eco conscious and economical. This natural eco dishwasher powder leaves your dishes sparkling without leaving any chemical  nasties on your dishes! Kin Kin Dish washer Powder is ultra concentrated and will give you approximately 160 washes, its also biodegradable and will in turn save you money - which we love!

What we love about the Kin Kin Dish Washing Powder:

- Full of cleaning power without any harsh chemicals
- All natural, skin friendly with a fresh lime scent.
- Concentrated meaning you use less and save more. 
- Septic & grey water system safe, biodegradable.
- Contains no phosphorus and leaves no harmful residues.
- Free from 'alcohol ethoxylate', a very harmful substance to soil and aquatic organisms.

Australian Made.

Use: Follow manufacturers directions on the package

Coconut & sugar based anionic & non-ionic surfactants (no alcohol ethoxylate, LAS or SLS), sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), sodium citrate (citrus based water softener), sodium percarbonate (oxygen releasing soda), sodium carbonate (washing soda), sodium silicate (glass protection mineral), sodium gluconate (glucose derviced anti-spotting agent), enzymes, organic lemon myrtle essential oil, lime essential oil.