Little Astronaut Set

Are your little ones fascinated by the unknown space?

Pamper them with this cute Little Astronaut Dress-Up set, and let their imagination take them on an unforgettable adventure into the Galactic Universe. They might meet unexplored planets, magical stardust and friendly creatures. It will be so much fun!

The dress-up set consists of a quilted vest with beautifully embroidered details, a quilted and a soft space helmet.

Use it for everyday roleplays or as a playful Halloween costume. Are you ready for departure? This season we’re going on a mission. We will move upwards, to explore the Dazzling Space. Look up - we’re going as far as you can see and beyond. Right up there behind the candyfloss clouds, you’ll find a new imaginative world, unexplored planets, impressive spaceships, twinkling stars, stunning moonlight, friendly space creatures, and much more.

Put on your helmet and fasten your seatbelt. It will for sure be an unforgettable space adventure. 10...9….8….7...4...3...2...1… Booooooom! Travel to space with your Friends. Where fun meets imaginative creatures, we now discover a new world and create new intergalactic friendships.

Size: One size 3-6y

Material: 100% Organic Cotton I Filling: 100% Recycled Polyester

Wash Code: W4