Loog Mini.

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Want to get your kids involved in music? The Loog mini has been designed especially for kids and toddler to help them get started on the guitar.  The Mini’s, like all Loog guitars, only have three strings that are tuned the same as a normal guitar.  This means that kids can play simplified chords with ease while still getting a good grounding for learning a full six string model

Toddler Guitar

The Mini’s are for age 3 up and it has never been easier to get your kids interested in the guitar.  The Mini’s come fully assembled so you only need to open the box, tune up the guitar and away you go (don’t forget to stretch the strings!).

All Loog Guitars come with a free free instructional app that has a tuner, a monkey drummer and video lessons designed to get you playing songs -not just scales or exercises - on day one (available free on Apple and Google play stores). There are also backing tracking and instructions on how to play songs by artist such Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, the Beatles and many more...

What’s in the box Specs
• Loog Guitar • Color: Black
• Loog Chord Flash Cards • Body Finish: Black Gloss
• Strings • Body: Basswood
• Neck Material: Maple
• Fingerboard: Maple
• Number of Frets: 15
• Scale: 390mm (15.6″)
• Length: 565mm (22.2″)
• Width: 176.5mm (6.9″)
• Depth: 58.5mm (2.3″)
• Weight: 1kg (2.2lbs)


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