Pocket Friend - Ladybug


In the warmth of your mini's pocket, the faithful little Pocket Friend - Ladybug, will live. She will keep your mini company and is ready to play and comfort you wherever you go.

She might be small, but her heart is HUGE, and she can’t wait to be a part of all your great adventures and colourful stories! The wonderful thing about Pocket Friends is, that they can go everywhere. Your mini can take them on every adventure they have!

Fabelab supports Plan international’s project “Early Childhood”. The project supports vulnerable children - girls in particular - to grow up equally valued, cared for, and free from discrimination. All Fabelab products are made sustainably in India.


  • 12cm
  • 100% organic cotton, corn fibre filling
  • Made sustainably 
  • CE-labelled 
  • Ages 3+


Fabelab pocket friends are perfect companions and friends for any mini and for every adventure.


Fabelab is a playful, GOTS Certified organic Scandinavian children’s interiors brand, which believes in creating high quality, innovative and responsibly-made products for a cosy and creative home.

Fabelab stems from a world of imagination, and their name is created by two seemingly opposite words: fable and laboratory. Fabelab’s ideas originate from this playful, experimental space where dreams inspire an imaginative landscape of multi-purpose products, that allow children and their families to grow and develop together, gathering stories and valuable childhood memories along the way.

Sustainability is incredibly important to Fabelab and all products are made in fair work conditions and from sustainable textiles in India.

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