Wooden Bucket & Scoop set (Turtle Burn Stamp Edition)

Our new release of this beautiful Wooden Bucket & Scoop set with the subtle burn stamps of sea creatures aims to raise awareness of using sustainable materials that are environmentally friendly rather than contributing to plastic pollution that ends up in our ocean.

If you are interested in converting your children’s sandpit or sensory play area from plastic  to a more tactile natural play space then this  Wooden Bucket & Scoop set is what you’ve been looking for!

The beautiful wooden bucket is made for durability and outdoors at the beach or sand-pit, for carrying water, sand or little treasures. The rope and wooden handle is perfect for carrying the bucket making it easy for gripping for little hands. The rippled wooden handle on the scoop also fits snuggly into the palms of hands while scooping sand.

PLEASE NOTE: Each Burn Stamp is done by hand and therefore has different shades of imprints (some dark and some very light imprints) which in our opinion is all part of the beauty of hand-crafted unique items.


We’ve all strolled on the beach and seen the destruction of plastic pollution, whether it was a washed up plastic toy set or plastic remains of something, eventually ending up as micro-plastic washed up on our sandy beaches or even worse, ingested by some poor innocent sea creature.Through our own research we found out that Turtles, Whales, Seals, Fish and Seabirds are the top five animals impacted by plastic ocean pollution.

We did a sea creature survey to find out peoples favourite sea creatures. The most popular sea creatures voted were the whale and the sea turtle! Hence why we chose these our first editions. Customers can either purchase the ‘whale edition’ or ‘turtle edition’ Wooden Bucket & Scoop set or both. Maybe we will do a release of all 5 sea creatures in the future!

Designed by an Australian Early Childhood Teacher and crafted in Vietnam


Wooden Bucket size: Diameter 15.5cm x Height 16.5 cm
Wooden Scoop size: W 4.6cm x L 15.9cm
Weight: 550grams