Wooden Microscope

Our wooden microscope is an educational toy that provides a hands-on experience for children to explore the microscopic world. It is made from wood, combining the tactile appeal of natural materials with the scientific curiosity of microscopy.

Wooden microscopes help children develop their scientific inquiry skills and foster an interest in biology and the natural world. By exploring tiny details and structures, children can learn about the diversity of living organisms and develop a sense of wonder about the microscopic realm.

Wooden microscopes can also be used for imaginative play. Children can pretend to be scientists, discover new species, or engage in pretend laboratory experiments, nurturing their creativity and storytelling abilities.

It’s important to note that wooden microscopes are primarily educational toys rather than precision scientific instruments. They offer a hands-on introduction to the world of microscopy and can ignite a passion for science in young minds.

Approx dimensions of product: 27x17x17.5cms.